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Your sunny solar scent. Share sunny vibes Discover a bright new chapter of femininity with Infinita My Sunshine Eau de Parfum. Oriflame’s first solar fragrance, this uplifting scent captures sun-drenched florals to cover you in sunshine – it’s destined to share warm, sunny vibes within your community. So now you can prolong that optimistic summer feeling well into the Autumn. Consider this issue your ticket to endless sunshine! Discover a bright new chapter of femininity with Infinita My Sunshine Eau de Parfum. Radiant solar notes and sun -drenched florals cover you in sunshine, as this uplifting feminine scent shines with a warm solar presence and sunny optimism. It smells like sunshine, bottled. Embrace your femininity. A bright and captivating Eau de Parfum that celebrates the essence of femininity in today’s world. Crafted around the iconic Grandiflorum Jasmine flower from Grasse. Hydration and shine – done in one. Enjoy luscious lips with a beautiful shine, all day long. With exceptionally hydrating fatty acids, Vitamins A and E and shea butter. And pomegranate with protecting antioxidant properties. Lip combo mix & match. Create your go-to duo!

Let the sunshine in! Feel the summer vibes in hot prices. Heated summer. This sensual and seductive fragrance captures the wild and playful tension between a woman and a man. A captivating and spicy fragrance, developed around the addictive scent of sweet pimiento, evokes the moment of heated desire. Keep your favourite fragrance in your purse to stay fresh and happy wherever you go. Or use the smaller size to try on a few options! An exquisite fragrance that brings out your most feminine and elegant side. Good vibes only. This uplifting, velvety floral Eau de Toilette sparkles with natural joy, evoking feelings of optimism and pleasure with each vibrant spritz. Picnic in a meadow. For the first time ever in perfumery, an accord comprising delectable white strawberry dipped in delicious white chocolate. Scent of summer love. There’s no better fragrance than Love Potion to help you discover the essence of romance on a warm summer night. Sunset on the beach. Close your eyes and surrender yourself to the passion of a delicate, sensual kiss. As your mind swirls your skin feels draped in a soft, invisible and addictive veil. Let your lust blossom. Sweet sound of waves. This is no time to be shy. Lose your inhibitions and take a dip into the world of forbidden pleasure, with Love Potion So Tempting.

Moments of magnificent. From the heritage of luxury and sophistication comes a fragrance meant to give you the ultimate Giordani Gold experience. Vibrant, confident and chic! Inner goddess on holidays. An alluring Eau de Parfum with a captivating aura, crafted with an exclusive Pomegranate Accord to reveal the absolute power of your femininity. Mermaid off duty. Welcome to the oh! Sweet scent shop where your senses can feast! It’s a delicious gourmand world of sweet indulgences, for you to Treat Yourself. Experience the luxe of all or nothing parfum, designed to express your unique individuality. Exquisite Vanilla Surabsolute meets an exclusive technology in the highest fragrance concentration in Oriflame for an addictive, memorable and supremely long-lasting trail. Floral-scented daydreaming. Celebrate precious memories of love with Volare Eau de Parfums. Cherish every moment filled with scents delicate and sensual as tender petals, capturing the essence of romance in full bloom. Romantic parisian getaway. Explore the thrilling heart of Paris with this captivating scent dedicated to the City of Lights. Floral and feminine, with white hibiscus at its heart, Eclat Mademoiselle is the essence of beautiful longing and the joy of youth. Lose yourself. Elegant, sparkling and sensual, this contemporary, romantic floral fragrance celebrates the euphoria of everlasting love. Composed around the radiant white Jasmine flowers from Grasse, this elegant scent will take you to Paris, the city of love!