All together for a better you. Wellosophy™. Over 10 years ago, the world was introduced to Wellness by Oriflame - our Swedish approach to healthy living. Since then, we’ve helped millions reach their health and wellbeing goals. To help people meet the ever-changing needs of today’s life, we are sharing Wellosophy – our way to achieve total wellbeing through holistic lifestyle choices and high quality products. A new brand that reflects our philosophy of living well. The idea of Wellosophy is simple. We believe wellbeing starts by making meaningful choices every day. Focusing on these four areas will help you live healthier and happier life.

Wellosophy™. We create products for you and with you. Caroline is a Registered Nutritionist, working in Research & Development at Oriflame. Isabella is a Nutritionist and works in Marketing at Oriflame. Marlene is a Registered Dietitian who works in Oriflame’s Sales department. From formulas to flavours, we’ve listened to your needs and desires when developing our products. Also, by staying on top of the latest academic findings, our experts help to ensure you have convenient, scientifically–based products and information you can easily understand, trust and share. Together we can make it. Wellosophy is a worldwide community of people with their own dreams and goals. Join us and you will never be alone on your journey to total wellbeing. I want convenient nutrition for my busy life. I choose healthy living for myself and my family. I want to be happy with my body.

I want to age beautifully. Make it with antioxidant support from the inside out! What’s in it for you? A spectrum of antioxidants to protect the body against oxidative stress caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices and help reduce skin ageing. I want to feel good in my body. Make it with a balanced shake for your healthy weight! I want to be at my best every day. Make it with a combo of nutrients to target head-to-toe wellbeing! I want to set a good example for my family. Make it with an easy-to-take fish oil! What’s in it for you? Your daily dose of essential fatty acids to support heart, brain and eye health. We want to build a strong foundation for our future. Make it with 22 essentials formulated for men and women. A perfect way to top up on essential vitamins and minerals and support many aspects of your health, including immune system, psychological function, metabolism, bones and skin.