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Summer hair survival kits. Grab yours! Summer's coming! Brace your scalp and hair for sun exposure, salty water and chlorine with customised Duologi solutions. Scents to wear this season. Curate a perfume collection that reflects your style, boosts your mood, and always suits the occasion. Grab your summer hair survival kit. With summer just around the corner, be ready to protect your scalp and hair from the damaging effect of sun exposure, salty water and chlorine. Skincare and hair care combine in customised solutions that help deliver healthy-looking locks, beachside or poolside. Colour confidence in the sun. Colour-treated hair is prone to becoming dry and brittle after sun exposure. Worried about fade, hair structure and an unbalanced scalp? Our nurturing solutions repair and restore healthy-looking summer hair. Post-swim hair repair. Chlorine and salty water can make your hair dry, brittle and more prone to breakage. Our solutions are packed with hair and scalp-loving ingredients, so rejuvenating tresses post-chlorine and salt exposure is easy.

Quench thirsty hair with beauty shots. How to use. Day cream: On wash days, apply sachet to clean wet hair, smoothing through mid-lengths to ends. Leave in. Night cream: Apply sachet to dry hair, working through mid-lengths to ends. Pull hair into a high bun for a leave-in overnight treatment. Wash out the next day. Fresh, healthy summer scalp and hair. Boosts blood circulation for healthy-looking hair. Massage the scrub into wet scalp, transforming the texture to a soft exfoliating foam. Pair with the Scalp Massager for a more relaxing experience. Summer saviours for oily hair. During summer, your scalp can start making more sebum, your hair can become oily or even flaky. But our targeted solutions are your secrets for a fresh, healthy hair. Use a scalp scrub and clarifying shampoo to clear build-up of oils, flakes and dirt. Try Duologi Anti-flake Purifying scalp scrub and Duologi Anti-flake Purifying shampoo.

Say goodbye to brittle hair. Protecting from chlorine and salt. Salt, sun exposure and chlorine can make your hair dry which increases breakage and hair fall, but we say no more. Unlock the growth potential of your hair; introducing a collection of skincare-meets-haircare products that help resist fallout and strengthen your locks, from scalp to ends. Refill to repair and strengthen. Helps restore vitality to thinning, fine hair after 1 use. Restores softness & shine for healthier looking hair. Dry-clean your hair. Shake well before use. For best results, spray directly into hair roots from a short distance. Work through hair by massaging with fingertips. Wait, then brush out. Strengthen and boost shine from inside & out. Experience total hair beauty. Take a holistic approach to reach your best hair ever! Treat your locks at a cellular level with Sealing Hair Serum and support them from within by taking Hair & Nail Nutri Complex, which provides a combination of nutrients beneficial for hair and nail health. Effortlessly cool heat-styled hair. Spray on damp hair from roots to ends, combing through for even coverage. Style with your favourite heat styling tools. Keratin protein helps strengthen and protect hair from root to tip. Creates an invisible shield to help protect hair against heat damage up to 220°C.