A kick of Juicy freshness! Up to 50% off optimals skin care. Mix & match to build your foolproof routine Scents for summer days & nights. Make the memories last with great deals. Eye make-up game-changers. Icons and novelties in stunning prices. More conscious beauty choices. This campaign we want to talk to you about ways to keep our planet happy! Introducing Love Nature Up-Loved, a collection of skin and hair treats bursting with juicy upcycled ingredients saved from the food industry! What does upcycled stand for? It means that we use parts of fruits and veggies that would otherwise have gone to waste in our products, as part of a circular beauty approach. In this catalogue you will find loads of products with organic ingredients for face, hair, and body. We have numerous summer beauty essentials that will keep you happy and satisfied all through the season. Let’s not forget about a particularly wide selection of fragrances for any occasion! So, dive in, explore our nature-inspired products, take advantage of incredible offers, and make sure you look and feel amazing all day, every day.

Feel the zesty freshness! Indulge your skin and senses in nourishing treats inspired by the wholesome goodness of healthy juice! Upcycled lemon seed oil, rich in Vitamin C, helps skin feel soft and refreshed. Organic carrot extract, rich in antioxidant beta-carotene, nurtures body and skin. Organic ginger root extract boasts soothing and stimulating properties. Purifying greens for skin and hair! Enjoy a refreshing cleansing experience for skin and hair inspired by a delicious green duo! Upcycled apple seed oil encourages shinier hair by removing build-up that can weigh it down. Organic kale extract, a nutrient-packed superfood that supports both body and skin health. Nourish. Revel in juicy care! Detangle your hair and nourish your face with gentle compositions of smoothie-inspired ingredients! Upcycled banana flower extract acts as a natural guardian for skin and hair, helping to lock in moisture. Organic açaí extract shields the skin from external stressors, promoting a nourished, youthful complexion.

Natural cleanness in recycled packaging. Love Nature liquid soaps = 100% recycled materials bottles + natural ingredients to keep your hands clean and nourished. Your long-lasting cleansing buddy. Soap bars are durable and can serve you for a long time. They’re also super portable, so they can double as a travel size! Exfoliate. Biodegradable daily cleansing. Enjoy your shower time with products gentle for both – your skin and the environment. Natural ingredients for beautiful hands. Your hands help you get things done every single day! Natural nourishing extracts in our hand creams help you properly care for them in exchange. Fight hair oiliness & plastic pollution. Hair products in 100% recycled packaging is a more conscious choice!

Natural origins, multiple purposes. Mother Nature knows best. We took her advice and used organic avocado oil so you can nourish your body, face and hair! Paraben-free skin care. Organic Oats & Goji Berry in the gentle formulations offer a loving embrace you need to help relieve and caress dry skin back to total comfort! For refreshment- yearning skin. Organic Tea Tree Oil & Lime Extract in dermatologically-tested, non-comedogenic formulas to refresh and purify oily skin. Face oil. helps purify and soothe skin while targeting blemishes. Dab directly onto blemishes, avoiding eye area. Apply at the first sign of blemishes and use as needed. Upcycled beauty treats. Upcycled organic ingredients rescued from the essential oil and juicing industries mean less waste and more benefits for your skin! Sustainable skin hydration. Our patches are made of Tencel, a material created from natural wood fibres, produced without any chemical residue. Helps reduce fine lines caused by dryness. Hydrates skin. Works to leave skin smooth and radiant.