Sensual Whispers of alluring scent. Fragrances 50% off. Get into the summer mood and get the discount when buying scents in pairs. Summer besties. Make your vacay time a bliss with bath & body care in lush scents and flavours. Colours of the season. Treat your nails, lips, eyes and lashes to fresh shades for unmissable prices. a sensually addictive, second-skin scent. Unveil your heightened sensuality with Whispers of Me Eau de Parfum. Effortlessly alluring. Undeniably intimate. Impossible to ignore. Each scentful whisper of this sublime second-skin scent awakens your sensuality, as you radiate a luminous energy that cascades with a lasting impression. Created with an alchemy of next-generation, sustainable musks: upcycled Sorbettolide® and upcycled Helvetolide®, plus white bio-tech Ambrox® Super. Encapsulated in an objet d’art bottle, whispers of me eau de parfum allures on every level. Crafted with the intention to elevate all of your senses, the sense-awakening, soft-touch glass is adorned with a sculptural cap, reminiscent of raw stone.

Whispers of sensuality from your skin and lips. Enchant with your alluring scent, while your lips stay hydrated and vibrant - the perfect partners for sun-soaked summer days. Listen to your whispers. This campaign is all about summer. The hottest, the prettiest and most focused on you season! Treat yourself to bath and body goodies that will make your vacay time pure bliss. Paint your nails, lips and eyes in pretty pops of colour and top off your look with a fragrance that says: "This is me". Our pick: Whispers of Me. This effortlessly alluring, undeniably intimate and impossible to ignore second- skin scent will awaken your sensuality and unveil your innermost thoughts. And isn’t it exactly what holidays are for?

Powerfully bold. An intensely feminine, long-lasting amber floral fragrance with voluptuous Tuberose amplified by daring kicks of Red Ginger on a warm rich dry down. Stylish and chic. An addictive oriental Parfum destined to be remembered. Exquisite Vanilla Surabsolute entwines with lush Magnolia, exuding an enchanting individuality. Goddess-like confidence. An alluring Eau de Parfum with a captivating aura, crafted with an exclusive Pomegranate Accord to reveal the absolute power of your femininity. Captivating glamour. Let your inner star shine through with this sophisticated and elegant Floral Fruity Woody scent. Star power. Emanate a radiance from within with this premium Eau de Parfum, boasting an exclusive Shining Star Accord and proven Long Sillage Performance. Sweetly seductive. Celebrate your feminine nature with a tantalising mixture of intriguing white strawberry, white flowers and exquisite white chocolate. Golden radiance. Glow with golden beauty as your aura fills every room with this bold Oriental Floral scent. Joyful femininity. With its explosion of sublime florals, this sophisticated and bright fragrance celebrates the joy of femininity in full bloom. Timeless elegance. With alluring white jasmine flowers at its heart, this timeless fragrance evokes feelings of elegance, confidence and femininity. Choose your sensorial experience. Will you emanate chic beauty or pure luxury? Explore depths of sensuality or unleash your inner temptress? It's up to you. How do you feel today? Whatever the mood or moment, we have a perfect fragrance for you! Luminous aura. Light up every moment with a delicate luminosity, wearing this sparkling scent inspired by an iconic Swedish tradition. Feeling flirty. Immerse yourself in the sweetness of the moment with an addictive Oriental Floral fragrance. Enchanting charm. Embrace the magic inside you with a harmonious Floral Watery scent inspired by mythical Swedish elves. Irresistibly sweet. Indulge all your senses with this tantalising and sweet fragrance infused with the irresistible Dulce de Leche scent. Deliciously joyful. Relive sweet summer memories with this fruity and floral fragrance bursting with the aroma of mango gelato. Be daring. Set your inner temptress free with this bold and sensual fragrance mist. Be sensual. Immerse yourself in a sensual and dreamy world with this refined fragrance mist

Your unique path. Wellbeing feels different to everyone. Let’s be honest, it often means different things at different moments. Whether it’s a cosy night in with a nourishing face mask on, or getting active with friends, it’s really about feeling confident to live life on your terms – free of judgement or expectations. That’s your unique path to wellbeing. Whatever your journey, we’re here for it. Plumps: With Volumising Peptide that stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid to increase lip volume. Protects: With Vitamin E to help protect against free radical damage and SPF 15 to help protect against UVB rays. Hydrates: With Marine Algae Extract for 8 hours of continuous hydration. Summer travel companions. Pop in your pocket or purse to keep your favourite scent always within reach. I love the gentle shimmer of these gorgeous Pearls. They amp up any look! GG Pearls are a treasured must-have for multitudes of beauty lovers, with their shades of blush, highlighter and bronzer, and luxe formula infused with Youth Reveal Serum and hyaluronic acid. Did you know that one jar is sold nearly every minute worldwide?